Data Backup

Business continuity is critical - your company’s files are vital to running your business, so we cand designe a backup solution to help you remain outside of those statistics, productive, and focused on running your business.

Is your data important?

You never really know the catastrophic impact that data loss can have on your business until it happens to you. Viruses, theft, hard drive crashes, and accidental file deletion can happen at any time and put your small business’s future in danger.


We will choose the simplest solution for you. But first we need to make note of some of your needs. There are the stept that we will take:

  • find out how the location and amount of data to be backed up
  • decide on a storage for the backup (dedicate server, NAS, tape, off-site)
  • installation, setup and configuration of backup software if required
  • configure backup jobs type and schedule
  • configure backup jobs alerts and notifications
  • check on a daily/bi-weekly basis the backup integrity.