CCTV Surveillance

Having adequate security is a vital consideration for a lot of people these days, whether they're business owners or simply those looking to safeguard their home.

Keep your business and staff safe at all times

Our professional team is able to design and implement a range of surveillance and camera systems for your business premises, school or public sector buildings. We can successfully install and maintain CCTV to protect a wide range of sites. We have installed fully engineered solutions from simple surveillance and entry control to fully computerised building and site security supervision. We provide the tools to control your facilities efficiently and to the level you require.


Site Survey

The first step would be for our engineer to make a site visit to assess your needs and survey the property. A property plan will be drawn which will include locations of where the cameras will be installed with your requirements, whilst abiding by the Data Protection Act of 1998.

You may be thinking, why would J&L take the time to carry out all these steps when I saw a simple 4 camera system advertised on the internet which stated it was ready to plug & play? Well, depending on the positioning of your property in relation to surrounding properties and even trees (which surprisingly influence the light factor), it can make that simple system ineffective.

From the site survey, calculations will be taken so the right camera can be chosen, i.e. day and night, bullet cameras, angle of lens needed, black and white image, colour image and anti vandal cameras.


Which Camera?

There are several different types of camera to choose from depending on your needs:

  • Covert
  • Bullet
  • Fixed Dome
  • Box Camera
  • Fully Functional Dome
  • Traditional PTZ


Digital Video Recorder

After deciding on which camera, the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) needs to be chosen. The DVR records the surveillance footage onto a hard disk drive and functionality differs between manufacturers. The size of the hard disk will be determined from the hours of footage you require in a specific period along with the quality of recording/playback. In most cases a 4 channel DVR supporting 4 cameras is suitable for most homes. The playback will be shown on a dedicated monitor sited in a location of your choice.